Losing one or more of your teeth can be a stressful experience, but there are restoration options that can restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

For many patients, the final choice will come down to either a dental bridge or partial dentures. A dental bridge uses remaining teeth for support. Essentially teeth on either side of a gap are used for support, and that gap is bridged by an artificial tooth. In contrast, partial dentures are made from plastic or metal plates that can be removed from your mouth.

Each option offers its own benefits, so you really need to consider your own needs. With that in mind, here are just five reasons you might want to choose dentures over a bridge. 

1. Easier to Clean

False teeth might not decay like natural teeth, but they still need to be kept clean if you're to avoid issues such as infections and bad breath. While cleaning around a dental bridge can be a little tricky, cleaning dentures is easy. Since you can remove them, it's simple enough to get every part of your dentures clean.

2. Easier Treatment

Fitting a bridge isn't as invasive as fitting a dental implant, but you may require some extraction work to prepare your mouth. This normally means slightly filing down the supporting teeth. Most people want to avoid such invasive treatments, especially since the associated recovery period can prolong the total treatment time. When you opt for dentures, very little preparation will be required.

3. Lower Cost

Some patients are concerned about the potential expense of restorative dentistry, especially when they aren't sure how much will be covered by their insurance. If you're worried about costs, dentures will probably appeal over dental bridges since they are considerably less expensive.

4. Wider Eligibility

It's worth keeping in mind that not everyone is a good fit for a dental bridge. You'll need to have strong remaining teeth and good bone support. Additionally, bridges tend to be a poor choice if you've lost multiple teeth at various points along a dental arch. When you opt for dentures, eligibility shouldn't be a concern since the strength and location of remaining natural teeth won't be an issue.

5. Easier to Repair

It's common for patients to worry about what might happen if a dental restoration breaks. While this is unlikely, accidents can still happen. If this is a concern, dentures will probably appeal over a bridge since they are relatively easy to repair. Since a bridge is supposed to be fixed in your mouth, any damage can involve additional time in the dentist's chair and take longer to put right.

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