Tooth reshaping or contouring is the process of sanding or shaving down portions of your teeth to make them look the way you want, and in some cases, it also involves adding filler to the teeth to help create the desired shape.

This cosmetic dental procedure can help make your smile look more beautiful, but it also offers other related benefits. Beyond a great smile, here are five other benefits of contouring:

1. Contouring is fast and painless.

While some cosmetic procedures such as crowns, implants or braces can take several appointments and weeks or even years to complete, teeth contouring is a relatively fast process. In most cases, you can complete your contouring work in just two appointments with one appointment for consultation and one for the actual reshaping work.

Additionally, as contouring focuses on the enamel of your teeth, an area unattached to your nerves, it doesn't hurt.

2. Contouring can make your teeth whiter.

As contouring typically involves removing a bit of your enamel, it can also remove stains and discolouration for your teeth. As a result, you may enjoy a whiter smile. 

3. Contouring can help reduce your risk of cavities.

Even though you may be reshaping your teeth for cosmetic purposes, the reshaping can help to improve the health of your teeth and gums. In particular, if you contour an area where you have overlapping teeth, that can help to remove common hiding spots for plaque that can eventually lead to cavities and decay.

Similarly, if your teeth are situated too tightly together and you shave away some of their sides to create a bit more space, that makes it easier to floss, thus indirectly reducing your risk of cavities.

4. Contouring can help with bite and alignment issues.

In some cases, contouring can also help improve your bite or alignment issues. If you have long canine teeth or oversized incisors, shaving them down can help your bite to fit together more evenly and more comfortably.

In some cases, contouring can even fix slight bite issues that may have necessitated braces in other situations.

5. Contouring provides a subtle, elegant change.

Unlike adult braces, contouring is a much more subtle cosmetic dentistry option. If you don't want a drastic oral change that will have everyone commenting on your mouth, contouring may be the best option for you. It provides a simple change that improves your smile without making everyone wonder what you did.