Tooth whitening refers to procedures undertaken in order to make someone's teeth whiter after they have became discoloured by a variety of factors such as taking a lot of coffee. Providers of tooth whitening services say that whitening results can never be uniform due to a variety of factors. This article discusses some of those factors.

The Initial Colour Of The Teeth

The colour of your teeth before you start the whitening process plays a role in determining the kind of results you will get. Cosmetic dentists say that patients with yellow teeth show the best response to tooth whitening when compared to patients that have gray or brown teeth. This is because the yellow colour is normally at the surface and is caused by dietary factors like taking a lot of coffee. It is therefore very easy for the bleaching compound to change that surface colour to white.

This is in contrast to gray teeth. That gray is normally caused by medications like antibiotics so the colour is deeply entrenched in the entire tooth. It therefore becomes harder to whiten gray teeth since the problem covers the entire tooth, not just its surface.

The Concentration Of The Whitening Agents Used

The more concentrated the whitening agents used, the better the results you will get. Those results also begin showing much faster than the results of someone who uses whitening agents that are not very concentrated. Note that the dentist is the one to determine what products or concentration to use basing on an assessment that looks at your overall health and the state of your teeth when you seek for tooth whitening services.

Compliance Level

The more you follow the dentist's instructions as you use tooth-whitening products, the better the results you will get. For instance, if the dentist asks you to wear your whitening tray for two hours each day but you wear it for only an hour, your results will be less than satisfactory because you did not comply with the instructions given.

Oral Hygiene Habits

People who floss and brush their teeth thoroughly before applying tooth-whitening compounds get better results than people who are not very vigilant about oral hygiene. This is because stains or food particles may remain stuck on the teeth and prevent the bleaching compounds from reaching the whole surface of the teeth in order to whiten them. Be vigilant regarding matters of your oral hygiene if you want to get good results from the whitening process.

Your results will be related to the factors above. Do what you can to influence those factors where you have a role to play (such as complying with all the instructions given) and you will increase the chances of getting the best possible results.