Taking care of your teeth can seem like your last concern when you're travelling, but it's important to keep up your oral health routines while travelling. This short guide gives you three tips on how to take care of your dental health while travelling, from finding emergency dentists to talking to your dentist before you set off.

Put Together A Dental Hygiene Travel Kit

Taking care of your teeth can require a lot of equipment, and it can be tempting to sacrifice your mouthwash or interdental brushes to leave more suitcase space for souvenirs! However, keeping up your oral health routine will help you to feel clean, healthy and refreshed while travelling. Put together a little oral health kit in a bag, including toothpaste, mouthwash and floss or interdental brushes. If you need any special brushes or equipment to take care of dental implants, dentures or crowns, make sure that you pack them – and if you have kids, take some special kids' toothpaste, as suggested by Boots, to protect their delicate enamel.  

Find Out About Emergency Dentists

Hopefully, you won't need to see a dentist while you're travelling, but accidents happen – from broken dental implants to chipped teeth, anything could go wrong! Before you go, make sure that you know how to find a dentist in your holiday area, and that you know how to ask for one in the relevant language. If you're worried or have frequent dental trouble, find a dental practice that accepts emergency patients in advance, and programme their number into your phone. Finally, as Travel Insurance Review suggests, you should find out before your trip what dental treatments are covered by your travel insurance and up to what limit or value. 

See Your Dentist Before You Go

If you're travelling for a long time, you may want to see your dentist in advance of your trip for a good check-up. Your dentist can give you advice on how to care for your teeth, check the overall health of your mouth and look at the health of any implants, crowns or bridges in your mouth. Even if you're planning a short vacation, you may want to have a check-up to get your teeth cleaned or even whitened, to give you confidence for your holiday photos. As the NHS explains, a good whitening by a dentist can make your teeth several shades whiter.

Caring for your teeth while travelling can seem more difficult than at home, as you're out of reach of your dentist and your usual supplies. However, by taking care and preparing in advance, your dental health does not have to suffer due to your holiday plans.