If you are considering having dental implants in Victoria, then it is important to note some information. The duration and the length of stay of the implants not only depend on the proper implantation but also on the commitment of the patients to maintain them in an effective manner. Just like any surgical or dental procedure, there are few primary issues that can result in complications. Here are some of the most common ones.

Loose Implant

Dental implant failure may happen when the implants become loose and at last fall out. You need to know that this can happen because the titanium implant has not fused with surrounding bone in the jaw. Having a loose implant can happen either through the incorrect positioning of the dental implants or at times when one gets a sudden blow to the mouth. In some situations, certain health conditions such as diabetes can end up slowing the healing process or even prevent its occurrence. If one has to go for dental implants then they should have a good density of healthy bone that can fuse effectively and remain stable. If you have been missing teeth for some time, it is necessary to have a bone graft before considering dental implants.

Damage to Tissue

Dental implant complications at times happen from the damage that happens to the nerves or soft tissues. Even though it is absolutely right to have sensitive gums after the dental implant, having progressive and persistent pain will make the gums bleed continuously. For this reason, ensure that you get an experienced dentist who has wide knowledge in dental implants. Knowledgeable dentists have the best equipment like CT scanning and 3D computer imagery that can assist in the process. 


Infection occurs when bacteria is present during the dental implants. At times, the infection can be caused by dental cement, which is meant to protect the crown to the abutment but then escapes from below the crown and gets trapped in the gums. This kind of infection results in the gum tissue and bone around the implant being inflamed. The end result is bone inflammation or dental implant failure. Patients who are at higher risk of the infections are those with diabetes, those with thin gums, smokers and many who do not maintain proper oral hygiene.

If you are considering having dental implants, worry not about the complications as they may be common. Instead focus to ensure that you get the best dental implants services.