Image guided dental implant surgery involves the use of low radiation dose three dimensional x-rays to bring bring virtual surgery plans to life. Your implant will be installed with the help of machines rather than freehand by a dental surgeon. But, not all dental surgeons offer this type of surgical procedure. If you need a dental implant, it's worth it to look for surgeons that offer it, as image guided dental implant surgeries can offer numerous benefits. Here's three.

Smaller Incisions for Quicker Recovery

When working freehand, it's impossible for the dental surgeon to be as precise and accurate as possible, especially if they are working in tight spaces. Image guided dental implant surgeries allow for smaller incisions to be made. This means that you'll experience less pain, swelling, bruising and discomfort after the surgery, which allows for a quicker recovery. You'll also have a much more positive experience in general, and getting a dental implant installed won't feel as painful in the long run.

Higher Placement Accuracy for Quicker Osseointegration

Image guided dental implant surgeries also allow for optimal placement accuracy. The equipment can install the dental implants in a precise position to avoid critical structures like bones, nerves and adjacent tooth roots—the dental implants are installed properly onto the jaw bone. All of these factors combine to ensure that the dental implants osseointegrate at quicker rates. This also means that the dental implants will have a longer life expectancy as a result.

Quicker Surgical Procedure

You'd be surprised at just how quickly the machine can install dental implants. In comparison to when the dental implants are installed freehand, implants installed using image guided dental implant surgery can take the easiest route to install the implant. Basically, the machine can determine how to install the implants in a secure way using the least amount of time possible. You'll be in and out of surgery in no time, so getting a dental implant installed will no longer have to take up your entire day.

If you have the means and the time, search for dental surgeons that offer image guided dental implant surgery. You can rest assured knowing that your surgery and the results will likely be a success, so you won't have to worry about implant failure. It's definitely worth paying more for these services. You'll also be able to enjoy making fewer visits to the dental surgeon prior to the surgery.