Dentures offer an easy and cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth and restoring a beautiful smile and facial appearance. They are usually removed at night before going to bed, and if you don't store them carefully, they can easily be knocked over. If your dentures get damaged by accident, you will have to get them repaired or replaced. How do you determine the most suitable and effective option for you? Here are some of the key factors that should guide you when making the decision.

Age of the dentures

It is recommended that you replace your dentures to accommodate changes in your jaw which may affect the way in which the dentures fit in the mouth. Also, these restorations tend to wear with time, and getting them replaced can help you maintain a beautiful smile. The age of the dentures should guide you into making the decision between repairing and replacing them. If your dentures are still new and in good condition, you can have the damaged ones fixed. However, if they are old, say five or six years, replacing them would be a suitable option as you will still end up doing it after a few years.

Extent of the damage

Having a crack on one or two teeth of your full dentures may not warrant you to have the entire set replaced as it could cost you much for nothing. You can have the teeth repaired without breaking the bank. However, if several or all of the teeth have been damaged, replacing them would be an ideal option. The same also applies for partial dentures. You can weigh the cost of replacing the entire set and repairing the ruined teeth to determine the most cost-effective option for you.

Cause of the damage

If your dentures break as a result of being knocked over, repairing them would be an easy and affordable option for you. However, if the dentures break because they don't fit properly, it may not be wise to repair them. Consider having them replaced with a set that will fit properly. Dentures can fail to fit as they used to due to age, poor maintenance, and incorrect storage, especially if they are not stored in water to maintain their shape.

Service factor

Many people who wear dentures require some getting used to when talking and eating with them. It is possible not to feel happy or comfortable with the way your dentures feel in the mouth. If such dentures break, a replacement would be a chance to get new ones that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Consider the kind of service that the dentures are giving you, and whether you are happy with it before getting them repaired only to regret later.

Assess these factors before making a choice between replacing and repairing your dentures. After making the decision, make sure you visit a professional dentist for the denture repairs.