As a dentist, you may be having issues expanding your dental practice and reaching a new client base. If you are, then you may be wondering what services will work for not only your business but also for your clients. If you are serious about expanding your client base and your business, consider the four services that every dentist should consider.

Elder Care Home Visits

Some elderly may not be visiting your dental office because they can't. They are homebound for whatever reason, likely health or mobility related. By offering basic elder dental care services in the form of home visits, you can reach out to clients that are in true need of your services and expand your client base.

You may also want to consider offering this service to assisted living and retirement communities as well. You can offer a few days a month of onsite options to senior care centres as well.

Free Clinic Options

You may be under the misconception that offering a free clinic would not expand your business at all. The truth is that some clients, who would use a free clinic, will likely use you for paid services later. You may find that many of the clients are actually using the free clinic because they are having an emergency issue, don't have the money at the time, or can't afford their normal dentist.

If you not only offer a free clinic, but also offer a discount for new client services that you extend to patients from the free clinic, then you can build your business.

Emergency Clinic

There are many areas that don't have an emergency clinic option. This leaves you with many potential clients using home remedies or other services when a dental issue occurs.

If you offer an emergency option, you can have a rotation of dentist in your clinic work the emergency hours and provide a valuable service to the community. These emergency patients may also turn into regular patients simply by knowing you will be there for them if another emergency occurs.

Mobility Services

If you are in a situation where you can't offer a home visit option, but you still want to reach out to people who are homebound or do not have transportation, then consider mobility options. You can hire someone to handle transportation shuttle services to and from their home to the clinic. This is also an ideal service for people who may need heavy pain killers during a dental appointment, but have no way to get home safely after the procedure.

These are just a few options you can consider to expand your dental practice. If you are ready, discuss the options with your employees and assistants to see what they think and how implementation of the services would work in your office. Talk to other local dental clinics like Fairfield Dental Healthcare Clinic to see how these suggestions help them.